• Dermatologist recommended
  • Paraben-free
  • Artificial colorants-free
  • Synthetic cleanser-Free
  • Sulfate-free
  • UV absorber-free
  • Chelating agents-free
  • Silicone-free
  • Mineral oils-free
  • Cationic surfactants -free
  • Synthetic preservatives-free
  • Titanium chloride-free
  • Tar dye-free
  • Nano materials-free
ELUXE | Sparkling Organic Spa Shampoo - Google Shopping
ELUXE | Sparkling Organic Spa Shampoo - Google Shopping
ELUXE | Sparkling Organic Spa Shampoo - Google Shopping
ELUXE | Sparkling Organic Spa Shampoo - Google Shopping


Finally, a natural shampoo that clears out deep-down dirt for a purer, healthier clean! ELUXE creates microscopic carbonic bubbles that turn into a rich, lathery foam which encourages hair to return to its most healthy, natural state. That means less frizz, more sheen, and a quick revitalization from damage.


✔︎Hydrates ✔︎Moisturises
✔︎Adds Volume ✔︎Intense Conditioning
✔︎Repairs Damage ✔︎UV Protection
✔︎Strengthens ✔︎Eliminates Frizz
✔︎Improved Combability ✔︎ Get Rid Of Dandruff

Delivery Cycle

• Get one bottle for your first delivery month, then two bottles delivered every other month going forward.
• $55.00 per shipment starting on the second delivery. That's 15.4% OFF – forever!

Real Reviews From Real Users


I had struggled with my damaged, brittle hair for few years. but all my hair issues has solved just by switching to this top-notch carbonic acid shampoo and rejuvenate conditioner! ELUXE for life!!



This unique sparkling foam sparkling shampoo by ELUXE is super easy to use. My hair feels thicker, smoother and shinier just after one use. I even got more voluminous hair than ever before!



I finally found a way that actually keeps my hair looking smooth and feels soft the whole day!

Thanks to ELUXE, my scalp is always refreshed and completely cleaned every time I wash my hair!


Based on 37 reviews
Shampoo & Conditioner Subscription (Recurring Order)

Good but way to expensive

ELUXE Shampoo

DO NOT BUY... this does not work and you'll be wasting your money.

Great makes hair soft and manageable. Have notice some change at the front of my head

White foam product in a blue bottle.

A beautiful, magical, awesome and magnificent deep scalp cleaning, cleansing white foam product In a blue bottle. This is the right name for this product.

ELUXE Shampoo

I never received this item

Simply the Best

For years I have tried various hair products. Reluctantly I purchased these products after a friend raved about them. I love them! My hair feels soft and luxurious. Highly recommend giving them a go :)

Hair fall

After using three times ,, gradually feeling more hair fall as before... please advice how many times after use of eluxe I will get adventage

I have used it twice now and no other shampoo has done what this one has. All my dandruff went away immediately along with my psoriasis and my dry hair get more smooth and silky than before. This is my best anti dandruff & haircare shampoo!

This is excellent for "work from home" days. It does give me the spa experience, so my daily haircare routine is more enjoyable than ever.
The shampoo lathered well and thoroughly cleansed my hair. The conditioner is indeed give my hair extra moisture and shiny. All in all I enjoy the products and will continue to use them!

This is my go-to hair care shampoo; I have dyed hair, so I can't wash it as frequently, and this keeps my hair from becoming greasy. It cleans my hair perfectly and keeps it moisturized, whereas regular shampoo can be disastrous.

This was fantastic, and I will definitely purchase it again! From now on, this will be my go-to.

My hair is very thin and fine, and if I don't wash it every day, it becomes oily. Even when washed in the morning, it becomes oily by the end of the day.
Over the years, I've used several different dry shampoos that left a strange residue on my hair, and while they did absorb the oil, my hair felt dirty to the touch.
This one, ELUXE, has changed my life! Every time I wash my hair, I notice how clean and fresh my scalp is.

ELUXE Haircare Combo
Karen Elaine

I have tight curly hair that can't be brushed without a bucket of conditioner. After I tried ELUXE it makes my hair so smooth and soft that I can run a comb thru it. The best part is it also helped my dandruff issue. I will keep using this and look forward to trying other eluxe products in the future.

I have been using this product for about half a year. Many different stylists commented on the softness of my hair and asked what I was using. I love how soft and bounce my curls feel with this product. It is also fairly affordable compared to other products on the market. No more bad hair days anymore!

I’ve tried several different brands of shampoo for oily hair but none of them worked. I found this and thought I’d try it. From the first use, I saw immediate results. I’ve had to wash my hair every day since my early teens and I’m now 34. The first time, I was able to go 3 days and my hair still looked great. now my hair looks so clean plus it gives me lots of extra volume too. Definitely love ELUXE and will keep using it.

I have VERY greasy hair that needs to be washed every day. The shampoos I were using were not doing a great job of keeping grease and smell at bay and they were drying my hair out. We tried a number of different shampoos and this is the best one we’ve come across so far! What’s more, it makes my hair soft and silky all the time which is amazing!

This is a great product for greasy hair and color maintenance, in my opinion. I use purple shampoo and this one together as my hair wash routine. I'm not sure, but I believe the carbonic acid foams may be the answer to all of my hair problems. The most important aspect is that it is extremely safe and made entirely of natural ingredients.

I've been looking forward to writing a review for this product! My hair is dyed, but I have a greasy scalp. It's difficult to find a shampoo that works for color-treated greasy hair. THIS IS THE END. My color doesn't fade and it's great for greasy hair! Obviously, no product can completely eliminate the issue of having greasy hair. It is critical to set realistic goals. Use this product for a month and then assess your results. This is exactly what I did, and I am very pleased with the results.

ELUXE Shampoo
Carolyn Hastwell
Happy Hair

Loving the shampoo and conditioner. I’ve bought both for myself, son and son-in-law. The three of us have dry itchy scalps. I notice a big difference in the early days. Looking forward to more improvement. Good product- thankyou

The first-time user of Eluxe.

I have been using Eluxe shampoo, Conditioner and hair oil. I find that after i wash my hair with the above products, it feels really silky soft. I really like the foam look to the shampoo. I am really like these products. Right from the first use.

This product was delivered a bit longer than expected. It arrived two days later than said so at first.

Never the less, i like using this product. Nice coloured bottles too..

I can't give one yet as I haven't started using it yet. I do have a question though, I put colour in my hair, does Eluxe take the colour out of your hair straight away, or is just a gradual fade

good product

easy to use. solved my problem within a month. many thanks.

I haven't recieve the order yet

ELUXE Haircare Combo
Lesley McLaren
Eluxe and conditioner

Loving my new products a break from other shampoos foam massage conditioning light brush off I go thankyou so much cheers Lesley

Love it!

My japanese hairdresser used this product for Spa treatment, and really lucky to see this product on youtube.
Love everything about it. Made in Japan guarantee the quality.


I have been using the product for nearly 2 weeks and have noticed an amazing difference in my hair quality and new hair growth. I highly recommend.